Fire Damper Testing: A Crucial Part Of Building Maintenance That Could Save Lives

Posted in Fire Dampers on September 06, 2019

Fire dampers. Just the name might throw up a few questions for anyone in charge of a building’s facilities: “What is a fire damper?” probably being the first one. Simply put, fire dampers are one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of fires in the ductwork through your walls and floors. A lot of the time, fires are contained by resistant walls and doors. But your ventilation system could be a one-way ticket for the fire to spread to the rest of the building. 

 Fire dampers react to rising temperatures - i.e. when there’s a fire - they close, preventing the flames from getting any further through ductwork or ventilation systems. The fire’s prevented from spreading further - and it’s as simple as that. 

 You might also be wondering “Where are our fire dampers?” or “How many are there in our building?” Keeping track can be tricky, so System Hygienics offers a fire damper tracking service. It’s essential that you get this info recorded somewhere for insurance purposes and to meet specific building regulations. 

 British Standard 9999:2008 states that maintenance should occur at a maximuminterval of 12 months for spring-operated dampers and 2 years for other kinds. It’s crucial you know exactly what you're dealing with so that you're not in violation of any laws or regulations. 

 It sounds like it’d be a good idea to keep fire dampers in good condition. Test them, clean them, maintain them and record how often they’re maintained. It all sounds a bit confusing. Luckily for you, that’s where System Hygienics comes in with our Fire Damper Testing service. 

 So, let’s break it down. What can System Hygienics do for you?

  • -Locate and keep a record of all of your fire dampers 
  • -Test the dampers in your building to ensure they’re working properly
  • -Provide comprehensive reports to aid your compliance
  • -Repair, replace failed dampers and provide remedial work for access
  • -Take away the hassle of administrative work regarding fire dampers
  • -Most importantly - give you peace of mind


When you start to let standards slip, that’s where risk creeps in. Let System Hygienics eliminate that risk and your worries. Get in touch today!

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