The Importance Of Having Clean Air In Hospitals

Posted in Air Hygiene on July 18, 2019

The title might sound like an obvious statement, yes of course it’s important to have clean air in hospitals, but to what extent? Running health and safety in a hospital is such a high-pressure task with so much to think about and good ventilation should be near the top of the list. 

Why it’s important to have clean ductwork systems

Highlighted by the World Health Organisation, poorly ventilated buildings impact air quality and can contribute to the spread of disease becoming high risk for patients, workers and visitors. It is reported that 4.2 million deaths are linked to air pollutions, largely with regards to heart disease, strokes, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections in children. These poor ventilation systems can be especially harmful to those who are already ill and open to infection, or those who have a weak immune system such as children and the elderly.

Spreading of infections can be controlled, to do this you must ensure that the internal surfaces of the ductwork are inspected and cleaned regularly. Assuring that there is no dust or dirt building up, including the mixture of organic compounds such as skin and hair. Micro-organisms feed on these elements and become transmitted into the air and to your patients.

If ventilation systems do not achieve the required standards, then it is likely that increased health risks will occur. Every hospital is built differently often without thought of ventilation or airflow, therefore working with a ventilation company will ensure you adhere to any bespoke cleaning requirements needed. 

How can we help?

At System Hygienics we have 25 years’ experience of cleaning the ductwork systems for NHS and private hospitals. We offer a total solution from inspection to cleaning, helping you to meet the requirements put in place by the HTM03-01 using the best practice in preventing the spread and threat of infection through dirty ductwork systems. Our unique JetVent system will effectively clean the ductwork without disrupting the hospital day to day running.  

 Having your ductwork inspected and cleaned regularly is a legal requirement. Although it is out of sight don’t let it be out of mind, System Hygienics are the UK’s leading air hygiene with our specialist service for more information on cleaning hospital ducts email or contact us on or call 01323 481170.

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