When We Say ‘Clean Air Is Our Business’ – We Mean It!

Posted in Duct Cleaning on February 19, 2020

Here at System Hygienics we are always looking for ways to further enhance the level of service we offer to both existing and new clients. The very exciting news is that our industry-beating comprehensive service now also includes Riser Cleaning. 

What is riser cleaning?

Risers as part of kitchen grease extract systems have always been notoriously difficult to access, inspect and maintain due to their positioning in a building and height. Cleaning risers thoroughly can be tricky, however, under the 2019 TR19 Guidance issued by BESA, establishments must have their ENTIRE ventilation and extract system cleaned every 3-12 months – your insurance will be void if it isn’t.

To reach difficult areas and to ensure that our clients are receiving the most thorough of cleans, we have added to our extensive list of services HCV (Hot Chemical Viscosity) Riser Cleaning. 

How does it work? 

  • The site is cordoned off and chemical that can cut through the toughest of grease, is heated and diluted on site
  • We then either utilising a compactable lift or safely accessing the roof area, one team member reaches the very top of the riser.

  • From here, the chemical is pumped down the riser, the grease and chemical are then caught at the bottom of the riser and stored, to safely remove off-site.

How can you ensure this is successful?
In order to do a successful clean of a riser, you must have workers at the bottom and top of the riser simultaneously, to allow for the chemical to be pumped from the top, with the waste removed from the bottom with a vacuum. Our industry leading service allows for this and also negates the need for abseiling or scaffolding, as used in traditional methods. This is not only convenient for both our clients and ourselves, but is also cost-effective, saving money for all parties involved.

Nation-wide, we already have a well-respected reputation for our BESA approved cleaning and testing solutions which are professionally delivered by our highly experienced teams. Our customers know that they can rely upon our extensive in-house capability to handle every aspect of ductwork, ventilation and fire damper maintenance and testing - a total solution from one trusted team, offering total compliance without the need to employ any third parties. We inspect, we test, we clean – and we provide the necessary documentation to ensure that records are always kept fully up to date.

How can we help? If you would like to find out more about our comprehensive offering, would like to know more about the requirements for riser cleaning or for the cleaning, inspection and testing of any ductwork system please visit  http://www.systemhygienics.co.uk/


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