Marine Industry Cleaning

System Hygienics 'Jetvent' remote cleaning method enables a verifiable clean of some of the most difficult to reach internal ductwork surfaces.

Cleaning of the ventilation system is carried out in situ, utilising the unique abilities of the "Jetvent" remote cleaning process using compressed air and a powerful filtered vacuum to access and clean areas that are out of reach of more traditional cleaning methods.

In the marine industry, where a considerable amount of ventilation systems are required in very confined spaces, the "Jetvent" method of cleaning has proved itself time and again in many of the most challenging situations.

Major projects have been completed for the major cruise line operators, ferry companies, commercial shipping lines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary as well as the Royal Navy. System Hygienics Ltd has successfully carried out significant ventilation maintenance and cleaning programmes on a wide variety of surface vessels as well as the Royal Navy's sub surface vessels.

Remote cleaning methods enable the most difficult cleaning situations to be verifiably cleaned to the required standards with the minimum of disruption , some of these very busy vessels have been successfully cleaned whilst still operational.

Verification of onboard cleaning is by visual inspection and TR19 Vacuum Tests in areas nominated by the client.

The benefits of the ventilation cleaning are not only for the vessels' staff and customers in the delivery of a better onboard environment, there is also the benefits of improved mechanical efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and compliance with relevant legislation and codes of practice.


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