Total Solution Provider

From ductwork inspection through to cleaning

With decades of experience in offering cleaning, testing and remedial services to keep buildings safe and compliant, System Hygienics provide a "total solution" without the intervention of third parties resulting in cost and time reduction.

"Clean air is our business", and we take it seriously. We keep people safe by keeping the work environment safe.

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New for 2021

Introducing our CVC package

System Hygienics, your trusted advisor in this field can now offer a Complete Ventilation Compliance Package, a new and unique service offering to the industry.

For a price that is bespoke to your building, we will ensure that you are legally compliant against the standards that apply to your site throughout the year. This will include an in-depth audit and survey to prove the cleanliness and compliance of your systems. Get a quote today!

Our Services

For commercial, industrial, marine and hospital environments.

Assess your existing system to ensure excellent quality.

Kitchens, bathroom & toilets, as well as laundry extracts.

Local Exhaust Ventilation testing is done to ensure proper function.

Both Fire Damper and Smoke Damper testing services.

Compliance with all services we offer and recommendations.

Improving air quality and well-being for visitors and employees.

Our unique cleaning system  removes the toughest grease.

Innovative Technology

Our patented "Jetvent" technology for ventilation system cleaning

The Jetvent System's nozzle effectively 'sticks' to the duct surface due to an induction effect. This means that the power of compressed air is concentrated right on the surface where you want it.

Jetvent can clean faster and more effectively with less access and can pass through more obstructions than traditional methods.

The dislodged dust is drawn away on airflow created by the Power-Vac and collected on the filters for disposal.