Remedial Works

Compliance with all the aforementioned specifications also incorporates improvements and maintenance.

What is Remedial Works?

Compliance with all necessary specifications means improvements and maintenance. Ventilation and extract duct systems must have adequate access to provide safe working when cleaning, maintaining and testing. If they do not, remedial work is required.

Regular kitchen extract cleaning is necessary for insurance and landlords to maintain efficient system operations and reduce fire safety hazards. Environments with unfiltered grease create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and pests. However, effective cleaning cannot take place without accessible ductwork.

Is your ductwork readily accessible? Are you aware that BESA TR19® regulations stipulate the installation of access doors every 2 meters?

How does it work?

Overview of the Process

With a broad spectrum of services, including duct repairs, maintenance, modifications, fire damper replacement, access installation (including walkways), and fire stopping for ventilation and extraction systems, System Hygienics offers an all-encompassing solution to meet your ventilation and extraction compliance needs.

What do we do?

Service We Offer

Regular testing and maintenance of fire dampers and extracts are crucial and a legal obligation. Knowing the location is one thing, but ensuring they are fully accessible for testing is another. System Hygienics provides comprehensive access works and replaces faulty fire dampers.

Installing stairwells and walkways for proper ductwork access aligns with Health and Safety standards, allowing our experts to assess areas for potential improvements, repairs, cleaning, and testing in a secure working environment. This approach also serves to demonstrate your full compliance with BESA TR19® regulations. Additionally, we offer services such as access door installation, replacement, re-routing/ductwork, walkway construction for fire dampers, and extraction enhancements.


Maintenance Schedule

The frequency at which you should schedule remedial works can vary significantly, as it primarily depends on the specific needs of your systems and infrastructure. Unlike other services that follow fixed schedules, the timing for remedial works is dictated by when the essential work is required.

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What's Included

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards ofservice and excellence, ensuring an exceptional experience forour clients.

1.  Compliance with industry standards:

System Hygienics commits to strict adherence to industry standards for ventilation hygiene and fire safety, in line with BESA TR19® and DW144 guidelines. This ensures that our services are conducted in accordance with established best practices and regulatory requirements, promoting quality and compliance.

2.   Qualified and experienced technicians

Our company emphasises that our technicians are highly qualified and possess substantial experience delivering ventilation hygiene and fire safety services. This underscores our proficiency and capability to execute work effectively and proficiently.

3.   Personalised service

We pledge to deliver a customised service tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. This signifies our commitment to comprehending your unique requirements and crafting a service plan that aligns precisely with your individual needs.

4.   Comprehensive reporting

System Hygienics commits to providing extensive reports after their service visits, outlining the tasks executed and any identified issues. These reports serve as a valuable tool for monitoring your ventilation system's condition and promptly addressing any concerns.

5.   Ongoing support

We vow to offer ongoing support to our clients, encompassing expert advice and guidance on ventilation system maintenance and compliance with relevant regulations. This highlights our dedication to nurturing long-term relationships with our customers and aiding them in upholding their ventilation systems' continuous safety and efficiency.

The benefits of Remedial Works

Compliance with Regulations

Many building codes and regulations require specific remedial works to meet safety and environmental standards. Ensuring your property is compliant can prevent legal complications and fines.

Enhanced Structural Integrity

Remedial works address structural issues, ensuring the long-term stability of your building. This safeguards against potential damage and costly repairs down the line.

Increased Energy Efficiency

By addressing insulation and sealing issues, remedial works can improve energy efficiency. This means lower utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint.


What are remedial works in the context of your services?

Remedial works refer to the actions taken to correct, repair, or restore various systems and components, such as ventilation systems, ductwork, and extraction systems, to ensure they meet safety, hygiene, and compliance standards. Ventilation and extract duct systems must have adequate access to provide safe working when cleaning, maintaining, and testing. If they do not, remedial work is required. It is instructed by BESA TR19® regulations to have access doors installed every 2 metres.

When do I need remedial works for my ventilation system or extraction system?

You may need remedial works when issues are identified during inspections, testing, or routine maintenance or when systems are not functioning as required to maintain safety and compliance.

What types of issues can be addressed through remedial works?

Remedial works can address various issues, including structural damage, system malfunctions, contamination, and non-compliance with industry or safety standards.

How often should I consider implementing the CVC Package for my building?

Remedial works may be necessary to ensure compliance with safety and health regulations. It's essential by BESA TR19® regulations to address identified issues promptly to maintain a safe and compliant environment.

Do you provide documentation after completing remedial works?

We provide comprehensive documentation and certification to demonstrate that the necessary remedial works have been completed and that systems now meet the required standards.

What are the potential risks of delaying or avoiding necessary remedial works?

Delaying or avoiding necessary remedial works can result in safety hazards, non-compliance with regulations, increased operating costs, and potential damage to property and equipment.

Are remedial works a one-time service, or do they require ongoing maintenance?

Remedial works are typically a one-time service to address specific issues. However, it's essential to continue with regular maintenance to prevent future problems.

Can you provide cost estimates for remedial works in advance?

We can provide cost estimates after an initial assessment of the issues requiring remedial work. The estimate will depend on the nature and extent of the necessary repairs. Contact us on 01858 414230, and we will be able to discuss this further.

How can I request a remedial works assessment and service from System Hygienics?

You can request a remedial works assessment and service by contacting our team through our website or phone. We'll work with you to address your specific needs efficiently and professionally.

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Reliability and Experience

With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for being reliable and effective. Our seasoned experts have successfully delivered compliance solutions to many clients.

Advanced Technology and Tools:

We employ cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art tools to guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of our services. Our commitment to innovation allows us to provide you with the best solutions.

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We hold all the necessary accreditations, compliances, and registrations, ensuring that our services are effective, safe, and in full compliance with industry standards.


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We understand the importance of trust, so we hold all the necessary accreditations, compliances, and registrations to provide you with the correct and reliable services you need.

As proud BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) members, we offer nationwide coverage. This means you can rely on our services no matter where you are. Our commitment to upholding the highest industry standards and ethics is unwavering.

With System Hygienics, you're not just getting a service provider, but a partner dedicated to your health, safety, and well-being. We take pride in our accredited services, assuring you that your building needs are in the best hands.