CVC Package

CVC Package

Are you a building owner or facilities manager with the responsibility of keeping your building compliant?

CVC Package

Perhaps you aren’t aware which standards apply to you - or you don’t have the time to check. This can cause serious problems down the line, especially when it comes to building insurance and the safety and wellbeing of staff or tenants within that building. Ventilation Hygiene has always been an important factor when looking at indoor air quality. Well ventilated spaces, temperature, humidity and levels of CO2, will have a huge influence on the health and wellbeing of building inhabitants.

If a ventilation system is not in adequate condition, it could potentially see the spread of airborne virus’ (Including COVID-19) and harmful bacteria. System Hygienics, your trusted advisor in this field can now offer a Complete Ventilation Compliance Package, a new and unique service offering to the industry.

What does this package consist of?

To ensure your ventilation is fully compliant within the buildings you are responsible for, we have created a package that oversees an in-depth check of the following compliances for businesses across the UK:

- Air Quality

- Fire & Smoke Dampers

- General Ventilation

- Supply and Extract Ductwork

- Kitchen Grease Extract and Risers

- Laundry & Bathroom Extracts

This is a bespoke package and will be quoted for in line with the needs and size of your building – This will start from as little as £60 per week. As required a team of our comprehensively trained engineers complete a full audit of your business to analyse how compliant you are against the standards that apply to you. We will provide a comprehensive report of the audit and where necessary valuable suggestions for work required to achieve compliance.

Our senior consultants and management teams are fully competent and conversant with the industry guidelines and standards.

We will also offer a preferential rate for those who choose System Hygienics to carry out any remedial works that are required.

For a price that is bespoke to your building, the package is designed to concentrate on proving your compliance against standards applying to the testing, maintenance and cleanliness of existing services within the building on a yearly basis. This includes in-depth audits and surveys to prove cleanliness and compliance of the systems listed below:

> Fire & Smoke Dampers

> Air Handling Units

> Ventilation

> Indoor Air Quality

> Kitchen, Laundry & Bathroom Extracts.

As part of this package we will provide you with a real-time report of our findings including microbiological, wet film thickness and deposit thickness testing within your ductwork systems.

We also aim to prove compliance, as far as testing is concerned, for your existing fire and smoke dampers as part of your fire safety system with regard to ventilation. We can then consult and assist you with any remedial works arising from this report.

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