Air Quality

Ensuring your building is legally compliant with British Standards and other regulations is essential.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the air condition within an enclosed space, such as a building, residence, or workplace. It encompasses various factors, including pollutants, allergens, temperature, humidity, and ventilation

.Successful workplaces and institutions, spanning factories, office buildings, and hospitals, go beyond exceptional services and business partnerships to prosper. They prioritise providing access to high-quality air for their employees, staff, and visitors. An essential initial step in ensuring seamless operations in any workplace involves maintaining the well-being of the people working there.

How does it work?

Overview of the Process

A diligent and well-informed facility manager or building owner is anticipated to conduct risk assessments and condition surveys consistently. The emphasis on air quality aligns with the building manager's duty to adhere to the Workplace, Health, Safety, and Welfare Regulations Approved Code of Practice 1992. Relying on our competence and expertise can facilitate compliance with these regulations, ensuring an environment of health and safety.

What do we do?

Service We Offer

To uphold optimal air quality and prevent the onset of Sick Building Syndrome, it is imperative to clean, maintain, and test mechanical ventilation systems regularly. At System Hygienics, we are equipped to undertake the necessary measures to ensure continuous well-being and outstanding indoor air quality.


Maintenance Schedule

The frequency at which you should have your indoor air quality checked can vary depending on several factors. While it is generally recommended to conduct testing every few months, the ideal timeline depends on the specific characteristics of your building and your company's unique needs.

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What's Included

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards ofservice and excellence, ensuring an exceptional experience forour clients.

1.  Compliance with industry standards

System Hygienics commits to strict adherence to industry standards for ventilation hygiene and fire safety, in line with BESA TR19® and DW144 guidelines. This ensures that our services are conducted in accordance with established best practices and regulatory requirements, promoting quality and compliance.

2.   Qualified and experienced technicians

Our company emphasises that our technicians are highly qualified and possess substantial experience delivering ventilation hygiene and fire safety services. This underscores our proficiency and capability to execute work effectively and proficiently.

3.   Personalised service

We pledge to deliver a customised service tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. This signifies our commitment to comprehending your unique requirements and crafting a service plan that aligns precisely with your individual needs.

4.   Comprehensive reporting

System Hygienics commits to providing extensive reports after their service visits, outlining the tasks executed and any identified issues. These reports serve as a valuable tool for monitoring your ventilation system's condition and promptly addressing any concerns.

5. Ongoing Support

We vow to offer ongoing support to our clients, encompassing expert advice and guidance on ventilation system maintenance and compliance with relevant regulations. This highlights our dedication to nurturing long-term relationships with our customers and aiding them in upholding their ventilation systems' continuous safety and efficiency.

The benefits of Indoor Air Quality

Healthier Working Environment

IAQ testing identifies potential pollutants, such as mould, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and more. This knowledge allows you to improve your indoor air, reducing health risks for your employees and clients/customers.

Increased Productivity

Clean air in your workspace can enhance focus and productivity. Poor IAQ can lead to fatigue and discomfort, while fresh, clean air can boost your energy and overall well-being.

Customised Solutions

Understanding the specific allergens and pollutants in your indoor air is essential for individuals with allergies or asthma. IAQ testing helps pinpoint the sources of these irritants, making it easier to mitigate their effects and breathe more comfortably.


Why is indoor air quality (IAQ) important?

Indoor air quality is important because it can significantly impact building occupants' health, comfort, and productivity. Poor IAQ can lead to health issues and reduced well-being. At System Hygienics, we offer an in-depth testing process to ensure your indoor air quality is the best it can be. From sampling & analysis, full HVAC inspection, and follow-up testing, we ensure you and your company are safe.

What are the familiar sources of indoor air pollution?

Common sources of indoor air pollution include pollutants from heating and cooling systems, off-gassing from building materials, cooking and cleaning products, and even outdoor air pollutants entering the building.

How can I assess the indoor air quality in my building?

Indoor air quality can be assessed through testing, monitoring, and inspection by professionals specialising in IAQ. This is a proactive step in preventing Sick Building Syndrome and promoting the well-being of building occupants. Regular monitoring and maintenance and professional guidance, when necessary, are vital in creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a term used to describe a range of symptoms that individuals experience when they spend time in a particular building, typically an office or workplace. These symptoms can vary, including headaches, eye irritation, throat discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, and skin issues. Although the symptoms are typically temporary and often alleviated when the affected individual leaves the building, they can cause concern. This is why making sure your indoor air quality is clean is essential.

What are the signs of poor indoor air quality?

Signs of poor IAQ may include odours, visible mould or mildew, allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and a general feeling of discomfort among occupants.

What services do you offer to improve indoor air quality?

System Hygienics offers various services, including HVAC cleaning, ventilation system maintenance, and air quality assessments to improve and maintain IAQ. Please find out more information by visiting our service pages here.

What are the benefits of improving indoor air quality?

Improved IAQ can lead to better health, increased comfort, enhanced productivity, and reduced absenteeism among occupants.

How can I request an indoor air quality assessment or service from System Hygienics?

You can request an IAQ assessment or service by contacting our team through our website or phone. We'll work with you to address your specific indoor air quality needs.

Is poor indoor air quality a common problem in commercial buildings?

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is a common issue in many commercial buildings. Several factors contribute to this problem, and it's essential to understand why it's prevalent, as commercial buildings often host significant people and have unique challenges. Problems like inadequate ventilation, contaminated sources and productivity impacts are results in IAQ.

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Why choose System Hygienics?

Reliability and Experience

With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for being reliable and effective. Our seasoned experts have successfully delivered compliance solutions to many clients.

Advanced Technology and Tools:

We employ cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art tools to guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of our services. Our commitment to innovation allows us to provide you with the best solutions.

Accreditations and Compliance:

We hold all the necessary accreditations, compliances, and registrations, ensuring that our services are effective, safe, and in full compliance with industry standards.


Proud BESA member

We understand the importance of trust, so we hold all the necessary accreditations, compliances, and registrations to provide you with the correct and reliable services you need.

As proud BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) members, we offer nationwide coverage. This means you can rely on our services no matter where you are. Our commitment to upholding the highest industry standards and ethics is unwavering.

With System Hygienics, you're not just getting a service provider, but a partner dedicated to your health, safety, and well-being. We take pride in our accredited services, assuring you that your building needs are in the best hands.