Fire Damper Testing

Fire Damper Testing

Fire dampers are an essential part of all buildings fire safety systems.

Fire Damper Testing

Fire Damper Testing Is a Legal Requirement

Fire dampers are an essential part of all buildings fire safety systems. It is crucial that they are maintained properly to ensure they are in perfect working condition and meet all legal requirements.

Disintegrated blades? Dust-filled components? Sealed with dirt and debris? Disjointed fusible links? Rusted springs? Broken cassettes? Incorrect installation?

Witnessing these flaws and any functioning issue in fire dampers is a serious matter that calls for the facility managers or building owners attention. If neglected, businesses could find themselves paying hefty fines and in the case of fatalities, possible criminal prosecution, for violating the laws and regulations. It is the building managers responsibility to ensure that life safety issues like fire damper testing are compliant.

British Standard 9999:2017 clearly states that all fire dampers should be maintained and tested by an expert at regular intervals, which shouldn't exceed the a period of 12 months.

Fire damper testing is a legal compliance. Why?

Because they are crucial apparatus for fireproofing the building to prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork. They are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts. They respond to high temperatures and shut themselves to resist the flames and provide a fire break through ductwork or ventilation systems.

Any kind of fire damper testing should also incorporate smoke damper testing. Why?

Because inspecting smoke dampers is as important as examining fire dampers. They rely on smoke detectors for activation. Therefore, if not tested annually, faulty smoke dampers can cause a catastrophic spread of smoke, the inhalation of which is dangerous to health.

Fire damper testing reports must be compliant too. Why?

To prove that each damper has been tested to standard an individual photographic report together with a cleanliness survey and exact location must be produced. Where dampers fail or are not accessible, reports should be clear as to why denoting any remedial action required. System Hygienics offer real-time reporting, certification and asset register to ensure a building's compliance.

Any kind of fire and smoke testing should also incorporate fire damper surveys. Why?

Because it is "the" key to ensuring all fire and smoke dampers in your facility are tested and reset according to the legislation.

Any kind of fire damper survey should be done by a competent team like the ones we have at System Hygienics. Why?

Because the technicians at System Hygienics can guide you through these important questions. How many fire dampers are there in the building? How many should be installed? Where? Do you know how clean your duct and damper should be to pass the inspection?

Safe working and "visiting" environment is an inherent right everyone should have access to. Our trusted specialists make sure to eliminate all the risks and errors with the fire and smoke dampers. System Hygienics offer a ‘total solution’ here too.

Why should you use System Hygienics Fire Damper Testing service?

Here at System Hygienics, the course our team is accredited for is IFSM (The Institute of Fire Safety Managers) certified. Meaning all of our engineers can be considered to be truly competent when it comes to carrying out Fire Damper Testing, something which is required every 12 months by British Standard 9999:2017.

For more information of the specific considerations when testing and maintaining fire and smoke dampers please view this pdf.

  1. Compliance with industry standards: System Hygienics promises to adhere to the highest industry standards for ventilation hygiene and fire safety, including guidelines set by BESA TR19®, and DW144. This means that you can expect their services to be carried out in accordance with established best practices and regulatory requirements.
  2. Qualified and experienced technicians: The company states that their technicians are fully qualified and experienced in providing ventilation hygiene and fire safety services. This suggests that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their work effectively and efficiently.
  3. Personalised service: System Hygienics promises to provide a personalised service tailored to the specific needs of each customer. This suggests that they will take the time to understand your unique requirements and develop a service plan that meets your specific needs.
  4. Comprehensive reporting: The company promises to provide comprehensive reports following their service visits, detailing the work carried out and any issues identified. This can help you to keep track of the condition of your ventilation system and ensure that any problems are addressed promptly.
  5. Ongoing support: System Hygienics promises to provide ongoing support to their customers, including advice and guidance on how to maintain their ventilation systems and comply with relevant regulations. This suggests that they are committed to building long-term relationships with their clients and helping them to ensure the ongoing safety and efficiency of their ventilation systems.

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