Beginners Guide to Extract Cleaning

Extract systems often neglected in building hygiene. Superficial cleaning is insufficient for assurance of cleanliness.

Beginners Guide to Extract Cleaning

Beginners Guide to Extract Cleaning

Extract systems are often overlooked when it comes to the hygiene of a building, but superficial cleaning is not enough to fool a building’s inhabitants that your premises are truly clean.

Particularly for businesses such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants and other workplaces, warm foul-smelling air, moist ceilings, greasy tables and chairs are tell-tale signs of poor extract hygiene and will ultimately make for an unpleasant environment.

What’s more, Landlords and Insurance Providers alike insist on extract cleaning compliance, and you could face your insurance being invalid if you do not adhere to standard.

Here at System Hygienics, we are official BESCA Vent Hygiene Elite Members – which ensures all compliance and industry standards required of the certification are met. This certification has been developed for the HVAC Systems industry by the industry and it allows us to self-certify our specialist hygiene works to TR19® Specification, the recognised industry standard for ventilation hygiene. Being a BESCA VHE member not only gives us, as an organisation, the ability to self-certify and to use the TR19® trademark, but it also gives our customers complete assurance of our technical competence, professionalism and commitment to quality.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Kitchen extract systems need particular attention as the accumulation of fats, oily deposits and fibrous particles contribute to many issues including reduced airflow efficiency. This creates the perfect environment for bacteria, and even cockroaches to breed. There is also the risk of grease igniting and causing a fire if your extract systems are not kept clean, so regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning is essential to remain compliant.

Bathroom and Toilet Extract Cleaning

In humid environments without natural airflow like bathrooms, it is vital to ensure extract systems are kept clean so that heat and humidity can escape. If these aren’t cleaned effectively unpleasant odours and damp can accumulate, causing damage to your decor.

Laundry Extract Cleaning

Laundry extracts are prone to blockages due to washing leaving lint, clothing fibres and dust behind in the laundry duct, which can make them vulnerable to fire. It is crucial to have these regularly cleaned by qualified professionals to remain compliant.

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Any extract cleaning service requires on-site inspection. Therefore, our sales engineers will risk assess your site and discuss all the requirements with you. Our professional cleaning services are all conducted in accordance with the requirements of the leading guidance document issued by BESA TR19, which is why we say System Hygienics provide a "total solution".

To find out more about the excellent reputation our professional teams have earned for BESA-approved cleaning, inspection and testing services, get in touch at or call 01323481170.