Celebrating success, expansion and safe, clean air during Q1 2022

COVID made clean air a top priority. We lived up to our motto: 'Clean air is our business'

Celebrating success, expansion and safe, clean air during Q1 2022

Commending Achievements, Growth, and Air Purity in Q1 2022"

Since COVID arrived, the provision of clean and safe air has been a major priority and throughout the pandemic, we have certainly been living up to our strap line: “Clean air is our business”.

Our business has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years, having significantly expanded the Leicester office and launched a range of new services to ease the burden of the building owners and managers trying to stay compliant with regulations. The challenges posed by Coronavirus resulted in our company stepping up, to take place as valued industry specialists; experts who could address the concerns of those who needed to provide safe, COVID-free environments for employees, patients, residents, guests and the wider general public.

But the expertise shared by our team has not been limited to air hygiene; as well as keeping industrial, commercial and hospital ventilation systems clean and safe from viruses and bacteria, we have been professionally cleaning high risers and ensuring that fire damper systems in facilities across the UK are inspected, tested and maintained to contain the spread of fire and protect building occupants.

Most recently, our services were called upon within the impressive new Battersea Power Station redevelopment. This previously derelict, iconic London landmark has been transformed into an exciting and innovative new destination. Our project there, totalling over £300,000, will ensure that Battersea’s residents, staff and visitors will be served air via the safest and cleanest air ventilation systems!

2022 is certainly set to be another big year for us. Our senior management team have even more ambitious plans for the company, including another 50% growth over the next 3 years alone, but there’s no intention to risk the reputation as a top-level service provider. We know that a large part of our success has come as a result of our strong focus on quality processes and genuine commitment to delivering first-class service.

This unfaltering desire to be the very best in our industry means that they are always looking for new areas which could benefit from our 57-strong nationwide team’s affordable services. The Hospitality and Facilities Management market is growing and its designated ‘responsible persons’ face a daunting list of regulations which must be adhered to. System Hygienics’s latest appointment, Jane Kingan, has a wealth of experience in the Catering Equipment and Hospitality industry; she has been brought on board as a National Account Manager, specifically to help our major customers in this field to navigate our legal duties.

Mark Poultney, Owner of System Hygienics, is unsurprisingly delighted with the success to date and has said:

“We are a highly successful company who are expanding without compromising the quality or affordability of the services we provide. In fact, we are achieving great things for our industry as well as ourselves. In 2021 we became a member of the BESA Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme which means we are now a BESA-accredited training provider, running our own training and sharing our expertise. We are incredibly proud of this, especially as the last few years have been challenging for many businesses.”