Ensuring Correct and Legal Servicing of Fire Dampers: Vital Insights

Discover vital insights on fire damper testing for building safety and compliance and how System Hygienics leads the way.

Ensuring Correct and Legal Servicing of Fire Dampers: Vital Insights

Responsible people in various types of buildings understand the critical importance of conducting regular inspections and tests for fire dampers. This ensures that they function optimally during a fire emergency across sites such as educational institutions, healthcare facilities, office spaces, and industrial sites. Unfortunately, a notable number of individuals may not fully grasp the crucial role these dampers play in enhancing site fire safety protocols, often focusing their attention on fire alarms, smoke detection systems, and emergency evacuation procedures instead.

Neglecting the inclusion of fire damper maintenance in a comprehensive fire prevention strategy poses not only a substantial risk to property and lives but also exposes responsible parties to legal liabilities. Today, ignorance or incorrect interpretation of legal obligations is indefensible, given the abundance of resources available—including expert advice from companies like System Hygienics—that clearly outline the necessary actions for compliance.

Clarified Legal Mandates

The clarity surrounding the legal requirements associated with fire damper testing and maintenance has significantly improved:

- British Standard 9999:2017 specifies that all fire dampers must undergo testing by a qualified individual immediately after installation, followed by annual testing.

- Fire dampers situated within hospitals or areas deemed high-risk, especially those equipped with spring mechanisms, warrant more frequent evaluations.

Moreover, guidelines for adhering to these legal requirements have become substantially more straightforward. The BESA Testing Guidance, issued in direct response to industry calls for clarity, has been instrumental in aiding building managers and owners in maintaining full legal compliance.

This valuable resource provides:

- A thorough walkthrough for satisfying the conditions outlined in, among others, particular technical documents HTM 03-01 and HTM 05-02 applicable to healthcare facilities.

- Detailed outlines of a compliant testing schedule that mirrors industry best practices and recognised standards.

- A foundation in the DW/145 Code of Practice for installation and commissioning, DW/144 for sheet metal ductwork, and TR/19 for ventilation hygiene standards.

- Directions for ensuring comprehensive testing, advocating for detailed photographic documentation that captures the damper's state before, during, and after service.

The System Hygienics Assurance

At System Hygienics, we pride ourselves on the pivotal role we play in ensuring the efficacy of fire damper maintenance. Our commitment lies in safeguarding the well-being of building occupants while simultaneously securing compliance with existing legal frameworks.

Our rich industry experience and specialised knowledge empower us to:

- Identify and access every fire damper, regardless of any structural challenges or poor design choices that might obscure them.

- Evaluate installations to ensure no errors occurred (it is surprisingly common to find dampers installed incorrectly).

- Conduct thorough examinations and provide exhaustive servicing in line with legal and guidance directives.

- Implement cleaning and disinfection protocols as required to meet BESA TR19® standards.

- Deliver extensive photographic documentation and detailed reports for integration into system maintenance records.

The Complete Ventilation Compliance (CVC) Package

The CVC Package by System Hygienics is our flagship solution designed to address the critical need for maintaining impeccable ventilation systems within buildings, ensuring the health and safety of all occupants. Our comprehensive service encompasses a thorough examination of your building's compliance with established standards, providing a healthy, safe, and productive environment.

Starting at an affordable rate of £60 per week, this bespoke package is tailored to meet the specific needs and size of your facility. Our process begins with an audit by our engineers to assess your compliance status. We then provide a detailed report and recommended actions. Our commitment is to deliver peace of mind through a managed compliance process that addresses all your ventilation system needs.

For building managers and owners seeking the confidence that comes with legally compliant and thorough servicing of their fire dampers, System Hygienics stands ready to deliver an unmatched solution for safety and compliance. Our broad spectrum of professional services is trusted across various sectors, cementing our reputation as a dependable partner in fire safety. For a closer look at how we can assist you, get in touch with our team today.