Preparing your building for the return to normality

Commercial building owners face the challenge of ensuring clean air and ventilation for staff and visitors as the world reopen.

Preparing your building for the return to normality

Getting Your Building Ready for the Return to Normality

As the world slowly starts to return to normal, most commercial building owners and managers are facing the challenge of ensuring clean air and good ventilation for their staff and visitors within their properties.

Poorly maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems pose many health and safety issues but, since COVID-19, attentions have turned to preventing the spread of the virus within offices and other shared spaces, along with other airborne bugs.

Before lockdown forced businesses to close and workers to work from home, where possible, many worked in office buildings with no open windows, relying instead on HVAC systems for fresh air flow. It is not just offices that are affected; retail and hospitality venues also face issues and after being able to open in recent weeks, the spread of COVID-19 has only enhanced the focus on HVAC system maintenance and efficiency.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), up to 30% of new or refurbished offices may be connected to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), related to poor ventilation. Inadequately ventilated buildings not only contribute to the spread of viruses but can cause a variety of other unwanted symptoms for its inhabitants, including aches and pains, headaches, fatigue, nausea and poor concentration; in fact, according to a report, workers are 50% less productive when ventilation is poor.

So, how can commercial building owners and managers prepare for the return to normality? How do employers convince home workers that a return to the office is safe and will not adversely affect their wellbeing? High on the list is regular ventilation cleaning in compliance with the legal frameworks and workplace health and safety specifications; this is essential for an efficient HVAC system in any commercial building. HVAC systems must be fit for purpose, well maintained, regularly inspected and kept clean of any physical or microbiological contamination.

Here at System Hygienics, we are the first in the industry to offer a Complete Ventilation Compliance (CVC) package, as well as our wide range of ductwork and ventilation cleaning services. This bespoke solution helps you to take the headache out of ensuring your building is compliant and ensures you meet responsibilities whilst maintaining the validity of your insurance. Every package includes an in-depth audit and survey to prove the cleanliness and safety of your entire system so you can be sure your building’s systems are up to scratch and the wellbeing of the building’s inhabitants is safeguarded.

If you have not already, make sure your building’s systems are ready for the return to normality. Get in touch today to find out more about our ductwork and ventilation services, after all, clean air is our business.