Staying compliant in 2022

Ventilation still remains high on the priority list for ensuring the compliance of commercial buildings throughout 2022.

Staying compliant in 2022

Maintaining Compliance in 2022

We may be approaching nearly two years since COVID-19 first entered our lives, but as much as we hoped it would be less of a threat by now, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With Omicron and inevitable new variants occurring all the time, ventilation remains high on the priority list for ensuring the compliance of commercial buildings throughout 2022.

Many of us work in buildings that don’t have windows or good natural airflow, so ventilation systems are crucial to maintaining fresh air flow, and if these are not maintained, they not only pose fire safety risks, but can actually aid the spread of harmful contaminants, including viruses likeCOVID-19.

So, with COVID-19 still a very real risk to our health, how can building managers and owners ensure the workplaces they manage are as safe as possible for their staff? Following a maintenance schedule for your building’s HVAC systems is a must. Ventilation systems should be thoroughly cleaned in accordance with TR19® to make sure they are operating as effectively as possible to maintain and filter air.

It is also important not to forget the fire and smoke dampers within the HVAC systems. If a fire were to break out, they are the best defence against a fire spreading as they form compartments to prevent the spread and contain it to one area. If these are faulty, the human and financial cost scan be huge.

BS 9999 dictates that all fire dampers should meet the criteria of fire resistance for a stated period of time and should be tested by a competent person at least once per year, then be repaired or replaced immediately if they are found to be faulty. That’s where we come in, our team are the first to have our engineers complete an IFSM (Institute of Fire SafetyManagers) course, so you can be sure our engineers are competent to complete fire damper testing to the highest standard.

If you’re not sure where to start with keeping on top of HVAC compliance, our Complete Ventilation Compliance Package might be just what you need. Starting at £60 per week, all our packages are 100% bespoke to your building and will ensure you meet all your obligations for keeping your building compliant, without the fuss. Visit our website to find out more: