System Hygienics get the seal of approval for industry standards

May 27, 2021

Here at System Hygienics we take great pride in being industry leaders, always maintaining the highest standards of service and compliance. We know exactly what goes on behind the scenes of our operations but to receive certification for what we do is the official seal of approval.

In April, we officially became a BESCA Vent Hygiene Elite Member after meeting all compliance and industry standards required of the certification. The Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme (VHE), run by BESCA (the certification body who monitors and accredits BESA companies’ kitchen grease extract cleans) is growing. It now has 63 members and has certified over 600 cleans per month. The scheme has been shortlisted for this year’s HVAC Initiative Awards and it is fast becoming a pre-requisite of BESA membership to join the VHE scheme.

To gain BESCA VHE member status our organisation and employees had to show appropriate training, skills and experience in every task they are required to undertake. A full audit of our training and technical competence records took place, and we were required to demonstrate understanding of and compliance with TR19® and current legislation; we are pleased to say we passed with flying colours!

The VHE Scheme is so highly regarded, it has attracted the attention of the insurance industry and it is now recognised by the RISC Authority and the Fire Protection Association (FPA) who have quoted it in RC68: Recommendations for Fire Safety in Catering Establishments document. They recommend that kitchen extract duct cleaning should be undertaken by contractors who have either BESCA Vent Hygiene Elite or LPCB LPS 2084 certifications. The huge benefit to our clients being peace of mind that work is undertaken and third party certified by a competent contractor and proving this to their insurer.

So, what does being a BESCA Vent Hygiene Elite Member mean for us? Well, this certification has been developed for the HVAC Systems industry by the industry and it allows us to self-certify our specialist hygiene works to TR19® Specification, the recognised industry standard for ventilation hygiene.

Being a BESCA VHE member not only gives us, as an organisation, the ability to self-certify and to use the TR19® trademark, but it also gives our customers complete assurance of our technical competence, professionalism and commitment to quality. System Hygienics will be regularly audited to maintain our BESCA VHE member status so you can be sure all our operations meet the highest industry standards. System Hygienics will now embark on opening a new training facility where all of our engineers will train and be certified to BESCA standards.

To find out more about our ventilation hygiene services, get in touch at or call 01323481170.