Accreditations you should look for in a Ventilation Cleaning company

Building managers/owners have choices for ventilation/ductwork maintenance. How to choose among competing contractors?

Accreditations you should look for in a Ventilation Cleaning company

What accreditations should you be looking for in a ventilation and ductwork cleaning company?

As a building manager, or perhaps even a building owner, you may be spoiled for choice when it comes to your choice of contractor for ventilation and ductwork maintenance and cleaning. With a variety of companies vying for your business, how do you make your choice?

The first thing we would say is that not all service providers are created equal. As well as differing in their pricing, they will vary in their capability, experience and, most importantly, in their professional credentials.

Ventilation and ductwork are not always readily accessible or visible and you certainly do not want to be spending your time checking up on your contractor to make sure they have completed their tasks to a satisfactory standard. But the effective and efficient handling of inspection, cleaning or maintenance tasks on these systems (fire damper testing in particular) is of utmost importance if the safety and well being of the building users is to be guaranteed.

How can you ensure that your chosen provider is providing the very highest standard of work?

You can, of course, ask for references from other customers but, for total peace of mind, the very best way to establish the quality of the service you are receiving is to look at the accreditations of the company carrying out the work.

System Hygienics use industry recognised accreditors

At System Hygienics we are constantly striving to provide the very highest levels of service. That is why all of our work is carried out to industry guidance, codes of practice or legislation as a minimum. This means that for ventilation cleaning we follow the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) guidance document BESA TR19®, Health Technical Memorandum HTM-03-01 for ductwork inspection and cleaning within healthcare premises and British Standard 9999:2017 when carrying out maintenance and testing of fire dampers.

This commitment to excellence is also why we are the only company to have all of our engineers trained by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM). When it comes to fire damper testing we think our clients value us training our team with an accredited company; after all, there is no higher recommendation for the standard of the work we do and it gives them confidence that this essential task is being undertaken by truly ‘competent persons’ a requirement set out in the British Standard.

If you would like to experience the reassurance that comes from having a professionally accredited ventilation and ductwork cleaning contractor carry out your work, then visit our website today at