The Importance of a IFSM trained accredited company

Building owners and managers can’t be experts on absolutely every aspect of maintenance which falls under their responsibility.

The Importance of a IFSM trained accredited company

Why is it important to work with a company trained to an IFSM accredited standard?

Building owners and managers can’t be experts on absolutely every aspect of maintenance which falls under their responsibility. That’s why they enlist the services of professionals to help them keep building occupants safe and to ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation.

How does a building manager know that work is being carried out to a high standard?

The best way is to ensure that any contractor working on-site has products, procedures and training standards which are endorsed by a professional body, preferably one directly associated with the services they provide.

When it comes to ductwork and ventilation cleaning and fire damper testing, the official body making sure that everything is as it should be is The Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM).

The IFSM have a clear objective which is:

“To raise the awareness of fire safety at a local, national and international level, promoting fire prevention, fire protection and reducing the risk from fire as far as reasonably practicable”

The accreditation given by the IFSM to companies who meet their high expectations therefore gives valuable reassurance to those looking for both an effective and a fully compliant service.

When it comes to fire damper testing, competence is key

British Standard 9999:2017 clearly states that all fire dampers should be maintained and tested by an expert at regular intervals, which shouldn't exceed a period of 12 months

It is stated that Fire Damper Testing can be carried out by a “competent” person. The trouble is how do you decide who is an adequately competent person when it comes to this essential safety task?

Once again, the best way to be 100% sure is to find a provider who is accredited by the relevant professional body – and yes, you guessed it, in this case it’s the IFSM.

System Hygienics want to give their clients complete and total peace of mind

System Hygienics recognised the dilemma building owners and managers face when it came to fire damper testing and the cleaning and disinfection of ductwork and ventilation. That’s why they have put all of their engineers through a ground-breaking IFSM- accredited course put together by Compliance Air & Water.

There are currently NO other recognised courses of this nature at the moment. Companies can, of course, carry out their own internal training, but this will be to their own standard and will not be independently verified or accredited.

System Hygienics’s engineers on the other hand can be considered to be truly competent when it comes to carrying out this work and this offers offer much-awaited peace of mind for those who hold the overall legal responsibility for building maintenance.

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