Collaborating with Battersea Power Station

In 2021, we readied the ductwork for shell/core installation in all 3 basement areas, retail spaces, and accommodations.

Collaborating with Battersea Power Station

Our Collaboration with Battersea Power Station

In 2021, we were asked to prepare the ductwork serving the shell and core installation within all three basement areas, retail areas and accommodation space. We completed the project alongside ductwork and installation specialists Gardner & Co and Hotchkiss who we are proud to have worked with for over 15 years across various projects. We also worked alongside ASM, who are alsoDuctwork Contractors.  

So, let’s look at what our solution to Battersea Power Station looked like…

For this project, we assigned a project manager and a dedicated team of operatives to ensure the completion of the scope of work inline with the construction programme on-site. By doing so, we enabled a consistent site presence that fulfilled our client's needs and allowed London-based Battersea Power Station has undergone a major re-development to turn the station into residential property and retail space and has since welcomed its first residents. for the various issues faced on a large site. These measures proved very successful, allowing our team to react efficiently to any onsite changes. We also prepared for changes due to the ever-changing climate and restrictions with Covid-19, we dealt efficiently with the strict measures enforced on-site.

Although Covid delayed our work numerous times, a full clean of all ductwork included in the installation onsite was achieved in preparation for system commissioning and hand-over to our client. By doing this, we ensured that all ventilation systems were in a clean state before the building was occupied, allowing the ventilation of fresh air throughout the building, and assisting with the functionality of the ventilation systems.

Ultimately, this was one of the most significant projects that our team at System Hygienics had ever undertaken due to the size of the project and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic challenged us with. Through crucial decision-making, hard work, and dedication of everybody involved in the Battersea Project, we overcame the issues we faced on-site. As a result, we benefited hugely from experience and will apply such work ethic to all future projects.

Working with Hotchkiss

Furthermore, the project was completed over a 12-month period with a project value exceeding a quarter of a million pounds. The company and project have since been nominated for the Small Project of The Year Award at the BESA Awards 2022.

We asked Hotchkiss for some feedback on our work / working with us. Colin Hillman ProjectManager has provided the following:

“System Hygienics' overall performance was very good, with high professional standards employed throughout the works. Their onsite crew had a fantastic approach to the work being carried out; relationships were formed and maintained with their engineers and our respective site team.  

Their Management Team also maintained great communication with ourselves; the work was planned and actioned well, with any additional client requirements taken on board and attended to without any issues. We also received regular updates, and final test reports were sent without issues.

All works were carried out at times to suit the availability of the labour needed; this was always communicated with plenty of notice so that we, in turn, could advise our client and keep them informed as to when the work would be carried out and how long this might take.”

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