Environmental Hygiene Management Programme

We helped the client implement a EHMP, conducting regular checks on ventilation and manufacturing

Environmental Hygiene Management Programme

Environmental Hygiene Management Programme for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Project Background:

Specific hygiene issues regarding air quality were brought to the attention of System Hygienics by a leading pharmaceutical company.

‘Fresh’ air is supplied to their office and manufacturing areas via mechanical ventilation systems, similarly forced ventilation systems are also used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, therefore, high standards of air quality are essential.

Our Solution:

System Hygienics working closely with the client implemented an Environmental Hygiene Management Programme so that the room ventilation systems and the pharmaceutical manufacturing systems, including the local exhaust ventilation systems (LEV’s), received regular ‘health’ checks.

The programme included cleaning specific areas and components of the ventilation systems, primarily the fresh air intake ductwork and the heating and cooling coils, including condensate drain trays. Following hygiene maintenance ‘wet’ areas such as the cooling coils, condensate drain trays and humidifiers were disinfected with a low-toxicity biocide, which included the flushing of the condensate exterior drain lines to ensure efficient drainage.

The AHU’s and other components of the ventilation systems were inspected with a view to their material and hygiene conditions. Tests were taken from the ventilation systems interior surfaces to establish dust/contaminant build up and microbiological samples taken to determine bacterial and fungal colonization.

The Results:

The Environmental Hygiene Management Programme (EHMP) ensures that the served environments and the pharmaceutical manufacturing systems are supplied with high standards of ‘Fresh’ air.

Following the EHMP System Hygienics provides a concise report complete with photographs and an assessment of test and sampling results, including any recommendations for remedial works, where applicable. These scheduled ‘Health’ Checks: -

  • Comply with Workplace Regulations (1992) Approved Code of Practice, which states that “Mechanical ventilation systems, including air conditioning systems, should be regularly and properly inspected, tested and maintained to ensure that they are clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air”.

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