London Paddington Case Study

Project Background:

London Paddington is a Central London railway terminus and LondonUnderground station complex. The site has been the London terminus of servicesprovided by the Great Western Railway and its successors since 1838. Morerecently, the station has undergone the most significant transformation sincethe completion of the original building in 1853.

We were working behalf Skanskaone of the country’s leadingbuilding contractors, they were instructed by Crossrail to undertake a fullventilation clean on-site and to provide a pre-handover cleanlinesscertificate. As the team at System Hygienics have worked on this projectpreviously, they reached out for our help again.

Our Solution:

For this project, we used ourJetVent service which also includesthe use of rotary brushes and hand methods across the site to achieve the beststandard of cleanliness. This method always works well on newly installedductwork as the debris within the ductwork on this project is dust that hasbeen created throughout the construction works , therefore the dust is easilyremoved by compressed air, and the rotary brushes are perfect for areas wherethe compressed air cannot be used due to space or access limitationse.g.Trackside.

Our Jetvent Technology is very cost-effective as the cleaning canbe done efficiently and without disruption, meeting the specificdeadline.Luckily for the team, they did not come across any challenges on-site,this was due to the help of the supervisor who made the process seamless withsafety hazards and site welfare kept to a minimum.

There are more works to be undertaken trackside, these willrequire a very high standard of training and competency to enable these worksto be carried out.

This project had an initial schedule of 30 days for completion, wecarried out our works earlier than this and the client was able to provideCrossrail with a pre-handover certificate.

Client Testimonial:

“Skanska on behalf of Crossrail instructed System Hygienics tocarry out full ventilation clean on The Paddington Crossrail Project. Weselected System Hygienics as they have a great deal of experience working onCrossrail sites over the last 5 years and they have become our trusted advisorwith regards to ventilation cleaning.

Working alongside System Hygienics has been a pleasure from startto finish, the operatives and on-site project manager carried out these workswith a great deal of professionalism to get the project completed within theschedule that was provided by the client and on budget. We look forward toworking with them again in the future”

-Chris White: Senior Construction Manager Skanska (SRW)