The Carlton Tower - Jumeirah Hotel London

The requested Phase One cleaning of 20-storey brick kitchen riser to ensure safety and compliance ahead of launch.

The Carlton Tower - Jumeirah Hotel London
The Carlton Tower

Transforming the Carlton Tower's Kitchen Riser

Project Background:

The Jumeirah Carlton Tower is a luxury hotel in London. Owned and managed by the Emirati firm Jumeirah, it is located on Cadogan Place next to Sloane Street and is close to Harrods, Harvey Nichols and central Knightsbridge.

At the time of this project, The Carlton Tower was under renovation. To ensure that their building was safe and compliant ready for the launch, the client requested a ‘Phase One’ cleaning of their 20-storey internal brick kitchen riser. 

Our Solution: 

Due to having limited access on each floor, we used our HCV (Hot Chemical Viscosity) cleaning method. The process requires an area to be cordoned off and the use of a chemical that can cut through the toughest of grease, of which is heated and diluted on site. After this we safely access the roof area (sometimes by using a compactable lift) where a team member can reach the very top of the riser. From here, the chemical is pumped down the riser, the grease and chemical are caught at the bottom of the riser, stored and safely removed off-site.

To ensure that this service was carried out safely, we put signage barriers and visual control procedures in place. The project was completed within three days, following two HVC applications, meaning that the kitchen extract riser was restored to an acceptable working condition.

This method of cleaning provides cost-effectiveness to an otherwise inaccessible problem, the correct use and control measures of chemicals ensures an adequate eco solution.

Luckily, the only challenges we came across were logistical, however, after working closely with the main contractor these were easily resolved. The client was very happy with our efficiency and we are delighted to be starting ‘Phase Two’ in a few weeks to complete the cleaning of ductwork on lower levels.

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