Working with HM Prisons

We completed a cleaning contract to improve the cleanliness and efficiency of the prison's ventilation system.

Working with HM Prisons
HM Prison

Successfully Working with HM Prisons Doncaster

System Hygienics, the UK's leading air hygiene specialist, recently completed a large-scale cleaning contract at HM Prison Doncaster to improve the cleanliness and efficiency of the prison's ventilation system.

Prisons operate strict security measures to ensure the safety of their staff and are required to vet all contractors thoroughly. System Hygienics was chosen by Serco, the managing agent for Doncaster Prison, because of its impressive portfolio of prison ductwork cleaning contracts including HMP Hull, HMP Parkhurst and HMP Wolds.

The contract involved cleaning the ductwork in six areas of Doncaster Prison initially including the three house blocks, entry building, staff offices, visiting area, kitchens and internal services. The managing agent for Doncaster Prison, was so impressed with the company's efficiency and professionalism that System Hygienics' engineers were called back to complete further cleaning of the prison's 65-bed healthcare centre, gymnasium and segregation unit.

Brian Brookes, Area Facilities Manager for Serco at HMP Doncaster, said: 'System Hygienics were praised from all sections of the prison from Wing Officers to Assistant Director level, all stating how well they just got on with the work at hand. It has been a pleasure working with System Hygienics and I would gladly recommend them to other prisons.'

System Hygienics' JetVent system cleaned the ventilation ductwork with negligible disruption to the day-to-day running of the prison. Minimal access to the ductwork was required, as up to 50 metres can be reached from one point. Before and after photos and a certificate of cleanliness was provided to verify that cleaning was achieved to the Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association's TR/19 standards.

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