Working with Yakinori, Japanese Restaurants

We executed essential services for Kitchen Extract, Riser Cleaning, and TR19 Remedial Works.

Working with Yakinori, Japanese Restaurants

Vital Role in Yakinori Restaurants' Kitchen Hygiene

Project Background

Yakinori Restaurants have been a beacon of Japanese culinary excellence in Birmingham, Solihull, and Bristol for over a decade. Established in 2008, this well-regarded restaurant has continuously delighted customers with its delicious offerings (including the best Katsu curry we’ve ever had!), providing an unforgettable dining experience.

In 2023, Yakinori proudly achieved a significant milestone by winning the prestigious "East Asian Restaurant of the Year" award at the Midlands Food & Drink Hospitality Awards.

Restaurant kitchens must be safe and clean to protect employees and customers from potential health hazards and accidents. As a popular chain of restaurants, Yakinori's kitchens and extracts are constantly used, making regular and thorough cleaning essential to uphold quality and safety.

Our Solution

For Yakinori Restaurants we executed essential services for Kitchen Extract, Riser Cleaning, and TR19 Remedial Works. The project involved tackling their three separate sites (Birmingham, Solihull, and Bristol), each presenting unique challenges related to access to their kitchen ductwork cleaning and riser cleaning.

We conducted thorough site surveys to ensure compliance and optimal performance before embarking on the necessary remedial works. This comprehensive approach allowed us to address issues and create a conducive environment for efficient system cleaning, resulting in safe and compliant kitchen ventilation systems across their sites.

Client Testimonial

After no response from our previous contractor, I contacted System Hygienics after a few site visits with Jane and Del we agreed on a programme of works for all 3 of our restaurants which included remedial works, kitchen extract and riser cleaning. Overall, I am pleased with the service we received and recommend their services.

Ali Karakaya

Managing Director

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