LEV Testing

Local Exhaust Ventilation testing is done to ensure that the ventilation systems are functioning properly. An exhaustive inspection with LEV testing is required in an environment where working with different machinery and its components is common.

Why is LEV Testing needed?

LEV testing is needed at least every 14 months as a legal compliance and life safety issue. Hazardous dust inhalation every year causes many preventable accidents at work. At System Hygienics, we send our highly experienced teams capable of handling the entire process in accordance with chapter 10 of HSG258 (controlling airborne contaminants at work).

What happens if the testing isn’t carried out?

Poorly installed or maintained LEV systems do not safeguard the environment, and run into constant problems, posing serious health risks of the workers and visitors including asthma, lung scarring and even cancer.

A facility manager or a business should be aware of the consequences of not maintaining the extract system in an efficient state and working order. Whether it's a warehouse, workshop or factory, System Hygienics provide a full examination that includes LEV testing and all other essentials checks.

Needless to say, it requires competent professionals to inspect the site and test the LEV systems. Casually checking it means not passing Health and Safety legislation. You need assistance from experienced professionals acquainted with LEV systems and trained to P601 qualification.

Our Sales Engineers will come and visit the site for free to discuss your requirements and to give an accurate quotation. With assurance, there will be minimum interference with daily business activities.

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