Remedial Works

Compliance with all the aforementioned specifications also incorporates improvements and maintenance. Ventilation and extract duct systems require adequate access to provide safe working in cleaning maintenance and testing.

What do the Remedial Works consist of?

Regular kitchen extract cleaning is required by insurance and landlords to keep the system operating efficiently and mitigating fire safety risks. An unfiltered greasy environment is also perfect for bacteria and pests to multiply. However, the necessary cleaning is not possible until the ductwork is accessible. Is yours accessible? Are you aware of the fact that it is instructed by TR19 regulations to have access doors installed every 2 metres?

Regular testing and maintenance of fire dampers is crucial and a legal obligation. One may know where fire dampers are installed, but are they fully accessible for testing. Are you aware of the fact that System Hygienics provide a full service of access works and replacing failed fire dampers too?

Installation of stairwells and walkways to enable access to cleaning and testing ductworks properly means maintaining them in accordance with Health and Safety standards. It gives our experts a chance to know what can be improved, removed, repaired, cleaned and tested in a safe working environment. It also gives you a chance to demonstrate that your buildings are fully compliant with TR19.

With ductwork modification, access works and remedial installations, a variety of other sub-services as well, System Hygienics are able to prove we offer a total solution to your ventilation and extraction compliance.

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