Riser Cleaning

Extract Risers have always been notoriously difficult to access, inspect and maintain due to their positioning either through the centre of a building or bolted onto the exterior wall. Also their height and roof access are often problematic issues.

Why do I need Riser Cleaning?

Cleaning risers thoroughly can be tricky; however, under the 2019 TR19 Grease Extract Guidance issued by BESA, establishments must have their ENTIRE extract system cleaned from air to air. If you don’t ensure that your riser is cleaned, then your insurance could become void if there is the unfortunate instance of a fire. Risers are often positioned through a building where upper floors can be occupied by offices or more pertinently by accommodation where a sleeping occupation requires a more in depth fire risk assessment.

How does Riser cleaning work?

At System Hygienics we have our own method of Hot Chemical Viscosity Riser Cleaning, which includes cordoning off a site, and then heating and diluting a chemical that can cut through the toughest of grease. Where safe roof access is not available we utilise a compactable lift to safely access the riser discharge. From here the chemical is pumped down the riser, the grease and chemical are caught and extracted at the bottom of the riser, stored and safely removed off-site.

The HCV Riser Cleaning process can eliminate the need for expensive scaffolding or abseiling. Its portability and convenience with guaranteed grease removal means it has been used extensively by nationwide restaurant and pub chains as well as shopping centres and commercial buildings.

How can we help?

Nation-wide, we already have a well-respected reputation for our BESA approved cleaning and testing solutions which are professionally and safely delivered by our highly experienced teams. Our experienced Sales Engineers will attend your site to discuss your requirements, which will then be followed by an expert team taking care of the entire project. We inspect, we test, we clean and provide the necessary documentation to ensure that records are always kept fully up to date and compliance is achieved.

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